Legal Solutions for Health Professionals

We can assist health providers and clinics with medico-legal matters including:

  • Patient complaints.
  • Health and Disability Commissioner investigations.
  • Coroner inquiries and inquests.
  • ACC reports.
  • Issues with the Medical Council or other applicable boards/regulators.
  • Ethical issues.
  • College appeals.
  • Any other issues arising where the provision of health services meets the law (e.g. Privacy Act issues).

Before forming Cogent Law Limited, Rhys was a lawyer and director at Health Professional Legal Services Limited, a boutique firm working alongside the pre-eminent malpractice insurance company in New Zealand. He assisted over 470 individual doctors and over 175 individual allied health professionals with all types of medico-legal and employment issues.

He has a strong grounding in clinical language and concepts from his Health Sciences degree and experience defending health professionals in legal matters. He sees his role as being analogous to translator and guide, bridging the gap between the clinical expertise and language of our clients on the one hand, and the legal thought processes and legalese used by regulators on the other.